Every building process has a beginning, middle, and end—and each stage needs expert attention along the way.

From start to finish, whether we are building a new home or remodelling and renovating a single room, Country Lane Builders are pros when it comes to all aspects of construction project management.

With our team of sales, home-design, roofing, framing, and finish carpentry experts, we make the process run smoothly. We can help you determine the location for your home, advise on the concept and design of the building or renovation, discuss the nature of interior or exterior remodelling you might want, help with a budget, and organize a work schedule that works for you.

Our experience is key once the building begins toward a beautiful new home, large or small, or fashioning a magnificent renovation, simple or complex. We address thoroughly the architectural and structural demands of the design along with all building requirements and codes by working with the necessary officials. We carefully see to proper hydro layouts, drainage patterns, and driveway design.

As we build, we stay on schedule and on budget: an important part of the Country Lane process is to monitor labour and material costs closely. Trying to reduce inconvenience to you as much as possible, we work in a clean and efficient manner with a team of dependable professionals. We make sure every detail is seen to and the job is done right.

Given our passion for what we do, you could even say Country Lane is there a while longer after the final clean-up. “Our team members put personal joy into their work,” says Murray Martin, CLB acting president. “We have been told by our customers that they feel our workers leave a piece of their heart in the home.”

Photo of a hosue front by Country Lane Builders
Photo of a bridge by Country Lane Builders
Photo of a Kitchen by Country Lane Builders