What We Value

Guided by Christian principles, we believe in treating others as we would like to be treated, always doing what is right even when no one is watching. Respecting others and maintaining integrity are core beliefs we firmly stand on.



The Country Lane Builders corporate culture and approach to business is reflective of its core Christian values: accountability, trust, integrity, mutual respect for others, entrepreneurial enthusiasm and professionalism.


These values provide a foundation for our employees to bring their best innovations and expertise to the table and allow our clients to work with us in an open, transparent way, ever pushing us beyond what it means to be a great construction company.


Country Lane Builders believes in providing freedom and empowering one another. We will invariably outperform and be at the forefront of our industry. We give one another the freedom and authority to lead to be fast, fluid, and flexible because our clients demand it, and more importantly because we demand it of ourselves.


We share everything with everyone who works here - company goals, strategies, future planning, quarterly results and profit sharing. This ensures employee engagement and ownership for success or failure of each project.


The result is a company filled with leaders, who do everything to make our projects a success.


Accountability flows up and down the corporate ladder. We will embrace errors that arise from a dedicated effort. We will learn and improve, but never will we evade our duty to resolve.


At all levels of our organization, we promote an entrepreneurial way of thinking. We encourage everyone at Country Lane Builders to watch for and seize new opportunities and lead us to new ventures.


We inspire our employees to think creatively, to innovate and bring forward their ideas. We want everyone to challenge convention, invent, develop, optimize and refuse to slow down as our industry, designs and engineering keep evolving.


We hold each other to the highest standards of personal integrity. We are true to our word and demonstrate complete honesty at all times. We strive to treat everyone around us respectfully, not just at work, but in our homes and communities.